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Mission Focused


Our training programs are designed to enhace your commands  overall capability.  Choose one of our existing courses or we can work with you to create a custom course that meets your specific needs.


  • Threat Assessment
  • IED Electronics & Diagnostics
  • Advanced Manual Techniques
  • Alarm Defeat
  • CMOE


Our staff includes industry experts with years of operational and educational experience who offer unique insight into their expertise.


Training Support Systems

We provide a full line of specialized training aids and support systems. We eliminate the logistical burdens associated with designing and building high quality / high quantity training events.


  • IED Training Aid

  • Category "A" devices

  • CBRN devices

  • Training support systems

  • Electronics packages


Our products are realistic and relavent to today's IED threat.  They are built by technicians with time proven industry knowledge using the latest intelligence indicators. 


Strategic CIED Support


We can be your force multiplier in the CIED market.  Our subject matter experts will collaborate with your R & D teams to ensure your solutions meet the unique requirements of CIED operations in combat related situations.


  • Independent Contractor

  • Instructor Support

  • Technology Integration

  • Product Development

  • Conference and Exhibitions


From turnkey instructor packages to product development solutions, EGI Defense will ensure your products will meet the end users requirements

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